Mission Statement

Formulating a mission statement for your life can be a critical step in reaching your goals.

My mission is to help you:

  1. Identify your personal and relationship goals, and in other important areas of your life.
  2. Accomplish your goals by working together in developing steps that you can start to take right away.
  3. Reach phase 2, which is to refine and set new goals, as you begin to grow and change.

So often we make the mistake of Not identifying our path and destination and wonder why things are not improving in our lives. People often set financial, academic and career goals, but rarely consider marital, parenting or social support goals. In our disconnected world, we have become so self sufficient that we have lost our support systems. As a society, we are technologically connected like never before, yet lonelier than ever.

At Mission Counseling, we will work together on your life goals and action steps. By providing a supportive and therapeutic environment, it opens the pathway for you to achieve a healthy balance, more meaningful relationships, improved communication and conflict resolution among other things. Experiencing a more full and satisfying life can be your:

m i s s i o n   p o s s i b l e . . .